Changes in our business

Soon some of our products will no longer be available and we wanted you to know first

As you know, we are a business very passionate about being zero waste, cruelty free and palm oil free. Our product range is handmade by us and the manufacturing is not outsourced and as such we have a close connection to the supply chain of our products. 
It has come to our attention that a key ingredient Brassica Alcohol, which is used across our product range, is no longer being manufactured free of palm oil derived ingredients.  This product is uniquely manufactured by one company world wide. There are many factors in the change of ingredient base including supply chain issues due to COVID-19 to the war in Ukraine.
There are a number of zero waste brands making solid shampoo and conditioner bars.  However, there are only a handful that can claim that they are palm oil free and an even smaller amount that have their products certified palm oil free.  We have gone through stringent ingredient examinations with our certifying body Orangutan Alliance to ensure that we can proudly make this claim.  We are keenly aware of the loss of vital habitat and deforestation which are some of the devastating effects of palm oil farming. We feel that to be truly cruelty free there can be no palm oil used in our products.
Given all of this, we have had to make the devastating decision to no longer manufacture some of our key products.  The products that contain brassica alcohol are our solid hair care range, our facial care range and our water activated moistursers. At this stage we still do have plenty of stock and are hoping to be able to offer them into early 2023.
The loss of this ingredient negatively affects a major part of our business. We are hopeful that we may be able to reformulate our range at some stage. Also there is the possibility that when supply chain issues have been resolved that the brassica alcohol may once more be manufactured palm oil free and we can resume using this product.
We are so very very sorry to have to share this news with you and we thank you for your understanding and for supporting us as we transition to this new phase of our business. We also thank you for being ethical conscious consumers hoping to make positive change in this world.
Wishing you all the best,
Jo and Micko Srbinovski