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19TH AUGUST 2021


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Natural Deodorant Lavender Fresh
Natural Deodorant Patchouli Rose
Natural Deodorant Lemongrass & Basil
Natural Deodorant Cinnamon & Patchouli
Natural Deodorant Sensitive Neutral Scent

New Viva! My Plastic Free Box!

All About the Face!

Start your zero waste, plastic free facial care routine here! Our Fresh Face Essentials packs contain an every day solid cleanser, facial polish bar, water activated day creme & a water activated night serum (remember you can turn WAM bars into liquid moisturisers as well)! You will be saving on at least four jars/bottles/pumps/lids all the stuff that usually ends up in landfill.

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WAM Bars! Simply add water!

Our Water Activated Moisturiser (WAM) bars are a new technology where solid ovals are turned into moisturisers simply by adding water to them! One tiny oval goes a long way & is equivalent to approximately 200ml of liquid creme!

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Lip Balm

Simply glide a small film of balm over the lips to soothe & soften! Say goodbye to plastic & glass bottles, tins & jars!

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Plastic Free 365 24/7

Our products are ethically handmade and are

Try our Natural Deodorants
Super effective and plastic free!
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Facial Cleanser Creamy Pink Clay for Sensitive to Dry Skin
Facial Cleanser Activated Charcoal for Normal to Oily Skin
Fresh Face Essentials Balance Blend
Fresh Face Essentials Gentle Blend
Water Activated Light Day Creme Facial Moisturiser
SOAP Lavender Scrub TONE & SMOOTH
from $10.00
from $10.00
from $10.00
from $10.00
SOAP Cinnamon Orange & Patchouli WAKE UP BAR
from $10.00


Tiny Travellers are simple & easy to use! A great way to try the range!

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From our customers


The best deodorant ever

Hands down the best deodorant I've ever use(and I've tried them all). Smells divine , works well even during strenuous exercise, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and is compostable. What more could you want.


Curls have never been better!

This product is incredible for curls, it’s doesn’t over dry my hair and I have found has reduced frizz when used with the conditioner. Ive literally searched from something like this for years after trying countless products and am beyond stoked that the products are environmentally ethical. I’ve been using it for a year now and have no intent on changing!


Smells Divine!

I am so in love with this. I love the continuous whiffs I get throughout the day. This has become my all time favourite...


Ditch your old soaps and body washes

You won't need or want supermarket body washes after trying Viva's range of soaps. They smell beautiful, lather up perfectly and are gentle on the skin. They won't hurt you. They would never wanna give you up, or let you down. Would never run around or dessert you. Appropriate for all members of the family, even if you don't have a family. They're the Rick Astley of the soap world. Timeless classics and always enjoyable because he seems like an actual decent bloke (soap). Buy them. But them now. Get soapy. Get clean.


Love it!

Being conditioned (like most people) to feel liquid creams & serums spread over the whole face, it felt a bit odd for me at
first to use this bar. But once my face had absorbed the serum & was dry, it felt amaaaaazing! It is so easy to use, wet, apply, done! I am so happy I have found this brand, I couldn’t for the life of me find a facial cream in solid form! Very happy I have now!


Loved this moisturiser!
This is the most amazing moisturiser, I wanted a moisturiser which was easy to travel with and since all the viva la body products are my go to choice I tried this new moisturiser bar. It is small so didn’t take up any room in my toiletries bag and it is so easy to use. After a shower I just rub the bar with water in my hands and put all over my face and body, I let it dry naturally which didn’t take long at all but I think it can be pat dry as well. My skin was left feeling non greasy and nice and smooth. Love it 10/10 💜



Simply pat dry your bars after use, leave well drained & dry on our bamboo dishes. Also the product boxes are designed to last the life time of the product. Simply pat dry and place back in the box between use.

Unfortunately not at the moment. The good news is that you can buy our full range at Flora and Fauna & they send internationally!

We only made these cheeky soap bars to pay for our daughters' high school education! They've now graduated so we've moved on and we hope you will too! Think eco friendly & zero waste and this is where you will find us!

Our cleansers are great for every day use however the facial polish is best used only once or twice a week (even though it feels so good you will want to use it every day!!!)

It might take a little time to get used to using a deodorant that is not a liquid/gluey texture. You will only need a couple of swipes & a quick massage to distribute our deodorants. If you hold them to your armpit for a few moments they will soften & apply more easily.