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Natural Perfume

easy to use, smells divine!
Natural Deodorant Patchouli Rose - Viva La Body
Natural Deodorant Patchouli Rose - Viva La Body
Natural Deodorant Patchouli Rose
Natural Deodorant Lemongrass & Basil
Natural Deodorant Sensitive Neutral Scent
Natural Deodorant Chamomile Jasmine
*NEW* Natural Deodorant Lemon Myrtle Aniseed & Cinnamon - Viva La Body
Natural Deodorant Lemon Myrtle Aniseed & Cinnamon
SOAP Cinnamon Orange & Patchouli WAKE UP BAR
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Zero waste favourites!

Lip Balm

Our luscious lip balms are bursting with healing extracts, oils &
butters to keep your lips beautifully hydrated! Great for your lips! Great for the Environment!

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Soap Ends Value Pack

Waste not, want not! A handy bag filled with approximately one kilo of mixed soap ends. Soap ends are the off cuts from our moulds. They are odd shapes and not as smooth and pretty as our individual bars but they are still perfect to use! In each bag you will get random mix from our entire soap range - it's a lucky dip!

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Smoothing Facial Polish

Our water activated solid Facial Polish gently cleanses & delivers fab skin tone and texture! One tiny oval goes a long way and lasts months and months! No plastic bottles/pump caps or wasteful packaging!

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Simply pat dry your bars after use, leave well drained & sit them on our bamboo dishes to dry. Also the product boxes are designed to last the life time of the product and are great for travel. Simply pat dry and place back in the box between use. We don't believe that you need a special tin/container (just another product to fill the world) to travel with our products. Be creative with upcycling & use what you already have!

Unfortunately not at the moment. The good news is that you can buy our products with other online stockists who do ship internationally. Try Flora and Fauna or Biome Eco Stores!

Our cleansers are great for every day use however the facial polish is best used only once or twice a week (even though it feels so good you will want to use it every day!!!)

It might take a little time to get used to using a deodorant that is not a liquid/gluey texture. You will only need a couple of swipes & a quick massage to distribute our deodorants. If you hold them to your armpit for a few moments they will soften & apply more easily.

We only made these cheeky soap bars to pay for our daughters' high school education! They've now graduated so we've moved on and we hope you will too! Think eco friendly & zero waste and this is where you will find us!