Jo + Micko = Viva La Body

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Who's crazy idea was this?

β€œHey! Why don't we make soap? We can call it Viva La Soap!"

Viva La Body started out on the kitchen bench in a share house in Darwin in the late 1990s. Two crazy art students Jo and Micko thought it was a good idea to try making soap...

Micko had a business already happening and Jo was doing anything she could do to get out of working in a real job.

Twenty two years on and Viva La Body is still going strong.  Jo (and Micko) can't believe she has had a job for this long!!!

The Viva La Body Story

Jo and Micko realised that they loved making soap! It became their obsession! Over the years they have made hundreds of soap blends and thousands of bars!

They loved learning all about natural ingredients and old skool ways of making perfumes, lotions and potions. For years they immersed themselves in the process of making. Creating all kinds of hair and body products, building their craft, developing their technique.

In 2019 the focus changed to more sustainable products and ways of making them. Viva La Body stopped making products in bottles, jars & tins became certified palm oil free, certified cruelty free, vegan and plastic free. It was a huge change but it needed to happen.


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Plastic Free Living!

2021, Viva La Body have combined their knowledge and experience to a next level. 

They have created a revolutionary range of solid water activated body products that do not need a jar or a bottle to work effectively.

Plastic free living is a thing! You can reduce the use of household plastic - starting with your bathroom and your beauty products!

This is a new and exciting space to be and Viva La Body can't wait explore and share it with you!