Soap Ends

A decorative box stacked with small slices of mixed soap blends with a sisal soap saving pouch in the foreground.
A decorative box of neatly arranged squares of sliced soap that are known as "soap ends" which are the end pieces from soap moulds.

Soap Ends

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Waste not, want not! A handy box filled with approximately 500-600gm of mixed soap ends. Soap ends are the off cuts from our moulds. They are odd shapes and not as smooth and pretty as our individual bars but they are still perfect to use! In each box you will get random mix from our entire soap range - it's a lucky dip! Remember that these boxes only contain random mixed blends of body soap (not hair/face/body bars - these are not soap!).  Each box comes with a handy sisal soap saver mitt and are a great way to make the most of these odd shaped soap! Simply pop the soap into the pouch, wet and lather up as normal.

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