How to Use Solid Conditioner Bars

Solid conditioner bars are so easy to use and fab for your hair! Simply wet the solid conditioner bar and glide over wet hair from scalp to tip until the hair is coated. It really is that simple and it is very easy to get used to.

Allow a couple of minutes for the conditioner to absorb then gently massage with your fingers right through to the scalp.

Over time you will develop a technique that works for your hair length. For long hair, tip your head to the side and stroke the bar from tip to scalp, bundle your hair up and massage through. For short hair simply apply the bar directly to your head and massage through until all the hair has been covered. Remember that our Solid Conditioners are highly concentrated and that you won't need to use much at all.

Rinse thoroughly and only if needed repeat.  We recommend washing and conditioning your hair no more than twice a week to keep it in peak condition.  

For best results use in combination with a matching blend of Solid Shampoo. However, it's totally fine to mix it up with another blend of Solid Shampoo according to what your hair needs on that day!

Be sure to leave your bar well drained between use to extend its life.