How to Wash Ya Face with Solid Bars

Jo Srbinovski - June 2021

wapping over to solid, water activated bars may be a little confusing at first. Here are some tips on how to use our bars to get the best results. Over time you will refine your technique, maybe even develop your own (please share them with us). The easiest tip = simply add water and away you go!

Your Cleansing Ritual in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 = Cleanse

Choose either our Creamy Pink Clay (suited for dry/sensitive/mature skin types) bar or our balancing Activated Charcoal (normal to oily type skin) bar to build your every day cleansing ritual. This is how you do it:

Wet the bar & your face, apply the bar directly to your face, use a circular motion to create a gentle lather, set the bar aside & massage to evenly distribute. Rinse & pat dry!

Our cleansers are not overly foamy (actually very little foam is visible) but they do the job perfectly and as a bonus are non-drying.

Step 2 = Moisturise 
Now your skin is clean your pores are open to receiving hydration. We have three water activated moisturising bars to do this. Balancing Day Creme (suitable for normal to oily skin types), Light Day Creme (suitable for dry/sensitive/mature skin types) and our divine Night Serum (suitable for most skin types). This how to use them:

Simply wet the bar & your hands. Rub the bar in your hands until a creme is formed. Gently pat the creme to your face & massage to evenly distribute.

For a lighter lotion use more water.  If you need a thicker creme rub the bar longer in your hands. The more you rub the more creme becomes visible. Remember that it is concentrated so a little goes a long way. If you have any excess rub it on your arms or legs!

Step 3 = Exfoliate
Once or twice a week an exfoliation treatment is a fab way to boost your complexion. Our super Smoothing Facial Polish does the trick beautifully! This is how you do it:

Wet the bar & wet your face. Apply the bar directly to your face & use a circular motion to create a light lather. Set the bar aside & massage to distribute the bamboo exfoliant. Rinse & pat dry.

As you massage the lather you will feel the bamboo grains rubbing against your skin to remove dry skin and any oily build up. After rinsing your skin will feel smooth and wonderfully soft. Even though exfoliation feels so good you may wish to do it every day - please don't over do it! Once or twice a week will leave your skin in peak condition!


Here's a quick how-to-use our SOLID CLEANSERS clip. Check it out!