Jo Srbinovski - June 18 2021

What is a WAM bar?


stands for Water Activated Moisturiser.

Our WAM bars are a new technology where solid ovals are turned into moisturisers when water is added to them. Housed in compostable packaging WAM bars deliver a traditional liquid product minus the plastic jars, plastic pumps and plastic lids! Our WAM bars help eliminate plastic waste, reduce water use, reduce bathroom clutter, cut down on unnecessary freight and are super economical.

One tiny oval goes a long way and is equivalent to approximately 250ml of liquid creme.  Our WAM bars glide over easily, are readily absorbed and leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated. We've used an array of nutrient rich plant oils, extracts and botanicals to deliver a salon quality product at a fraction of the price.

How to use your WAM Bar

The fab thing is that you do not need a jar or bottle for this product to work effectively! Simply run the bar under water and rub it in your hands to create a creme. Pat the bar dry and return it to the box when finished.  There is no need for a special storage container - the box should last the lifetime of the bar! As time goes you will develop a technique that works for you. For example if you want a thicker layer simply rub the bar a little more using less water.

Just follow these simple steps to create a creme.

As you transition to plastic free living you may wish to turn the bar into a liquid creme. Using a few simple steps, with a minimum of fuss, you can turn the bars into a liquid creme (the instructions are also inside the bar's box).

Turn your WAM Bar into a liquid creme!
1. Simply grate the bar into a mixing bowl
2. Add 200ml of cooled boiled water
3. Mix with a stick blender until a creme is formed
4. Decant & store the creme in a clean, sterilized, recycled jar (we all have plenty of these in our pantry!) and be sure to label it.

A single bar makes approx 250ml of creme!

Here is a selection of our new WAM bars for your body and your face! Give them try! Let us know what you think and leave a review! One step toward making plastic free living easier!

Article credit : Jo Srbinovski

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