How to Use Solid Hair Care

Jo Srbinovski - June 2021

Making the switch to solid hair care is fairly simple - so don't be scared! Here's some easy steps to show you how to get the most from your bars. Plastic free hair care is a good thing especially when you use Viva La Body bars!


STEP 1 = WET THE BAR & WET YOUR HAIR.  Really load your hair with water, especially the first time you are using your shampoo bar.

STEP 2 = Massage to create a gentle lather. Our shampoo bars are not overly foamy (which is a good thing as it is not drying your hair)!

STEP 3 = Rinse well

STEP 4 = Apply conditioner Swipe the bar from scalp to tip. If you have long hair, lean your head to the side to make it easier. Apply section by section.

STEP 5 = set the bar aside &  massage to evenly distribute the conditioner. Leave it sit on your hair for a few moments. This is the time you wash your body, shave...all that stuff.

STEP 6 = Rinse well, towel dry and style as normal. 


Pro Tip 1 = If you have super knotty hair you can use the conditioner as a detangler. Just apply to tips of damp hair, comb through the knots and then rinse out the excess conditioner.

Pro Tip 2 = Once a week give your hair a deep conditioning treatment.  After regular washing apply conditioner to damp hair, leave on for half an hour and then rinse thoroughly. Beautiful, soft hair!